Beauty: Becca Jaclyn Hill Skin Perfector Champagne Pop

Meet the best highlighter of all time. The Becca Jaclyn Hill Skin Perfector Highlighter in Champagne Pop has been raved and raved about in the beauty community and I can completely see why. It's a creamy powder which gives your skin a gorgeous pearlized glow. It's a golden, peach colour which is perfect for summer skin and a little goes a long way.

Since buying this in May, I have been wearing this every day. I should probably limit it to special occasions but it's just too good not to wear as much as possible. I knew it was an absolute winner when it got to 7pm and we were having post-work drinks; a colleague asked what highlighter I was wearing as it looked so glowy and nice. 

So yes, this product is a dream. It's pricy at £32 but I guarantee that it's worth it. The only problem is that once you've tried it you will want to buy everything else from the Becca highlighter range - and I've just seen that they've brought out lots more products including a Champagne Pop liquid highlighter...uh oh!

You can buy the Becca Jaclyn highlighter from Space NK here.


Beauty: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Nude Flush

I really am loving a liquid lipstick at the moment. They are so long-lasting and the formulas now are so advanced that they don't leave your lips feeling dry. This is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Nude Flush. It has a very creamy formula which glides on smoothly and gives you a velvety matte finish. 

The applicator is great and makes it so easy to apply - you can easily control how much you put on your lips too as sometimes it can be tricky to apply a highly-pigmented liquid lipstick and you end up getting half of it around your mouth! 

I just love how smooth and creamy the formula is. It doesn't last as long as the Sephora lip cream but for a high-street lipstick it's great. The colour is also really wearable and I can wear it to work without a million people commenting on my lip colour!

The Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colour is £6.99 from Boots.


Wedding: My Little Wedding Book

Shortly after I got engaged I went on the search for a wedding planner. I couldn't find much inspiration online and so tweeted asking for recommendations. I ended up receiving this one in the post and it is the most perfect little wedding book so I wanted to share.

My Little Wedding Book* was created by wedding blogger and fashion buyer, Karen Mason. This was a book she wished she had when she was planning her wedding and it's much more than a planner as it offers advice and tips too. There is so much information packed into it which is brilliant as going into a wedding is quite the minefield! 

The book is divided into 14 sections. Each section has a few pages of advice and tips, and then sections for relevant lists (such as your budget, guestlist etc) and also a good chunk for notes. There are also lots of notes pages at the back which I've found really handy.

I highly recommend this if you've got engaged and want something to start you off on your wedding adventure - it would also make a perfect present for a bride-to-be. It's had 73 5 star reviews on Etsy so others must agree!

You can buy My Little Wedding Book from Etsy for £24.95 and you can also visit Karen's wedding website which is great too.


Life: A beautiful bouquet

I'm pretty obsessed with flowers at the moment. Since being engaged we have been very lucky and have received some beautiful bouquets - they brighten up the house so much and always make me smile.

When Prestige Flowers asked if I wanted to have some flowers delivered from their luxury range I jumped at the chance and was delighted to receive their Paris bouquet*, a gorgeous mix of Memory Lane roses, lilies, astrantia and eucalyptus. I asked for it to be delivered before I headed out to work and sure enough, it arrived early in the morning. It came in a pretty bag and included a lovely vase. 

They arrived on Tuesday and are still going strong, with some of the lilies yet to open! Hooray for beautiful flowers.


Life: Monthly Summary May


  • The first half of May was spent in Florida! We had the most wonderful holiday and Chris proposed which made it even more special (read about his proposal here). I will do some Florida posts sharing the highlights from the holiday soon.
  • We have obviously been celebrating getting engaged - everyone has been so lovely! We've had so much love from friends and families and have enjoyed going for drinks and food to celebrate.
  • Returning to work was also helped by my team decorating my desks with pictures of Chris and I, and loads of paper hearts!
  • We went to the Royal Albert Hall to watch Gladiator with the live Philharmonic Orchestra performing the soundtrack. We've seen it before and it was the most amazing show, so had to see it again. It was incredible and I've never seen an audience applause for so long - I was an emotional wreck!


  • Game of Thrones - we are totally up to date with it after starting series 1 earlier this year. Am loving the new series but not loving having to wait a whole week between each episode!
  • House of Cards - we started watching this a couple of months ago and am really enjoying it, despite me not really understanding a lot of the politics side! Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are fantastic as Frank and Clare.
  • Sophie and Tom's YouTube channel - I have recently discovered Sophie and Tom's Florida vlogs and they are getting me through the Florida blues! They are both so likeable and I love following their trips.


Beauty: Becca Backlight Priming Perfector

I bought this highlighter after seeing Freddy talking about it in this video. I am always drawn to products that claim to give you a glow, and this one looked right up my street! Becca are killing it at the moment and have so many gorgeous highlighters and shimmery products to choose from - it was my favourite stand in Sephora.

The Becca Backlight Priming Perfector creates both a priming base for your make-up and also an instant filter on the skin which gives you a healthy, luminescent glow. It blurs imperfections and is infused with a blend of crushed pearls, allowing your skin to look lit from within.

I love the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow (read my review here) but this is another level of glowy-product. You don't need much to create a gorgeous glowy base. It's all I'm wearing in the photo above and I don't think that picture does it justice! It's almost too glowy but when you add your foundation, it calms it down and gives your make-up a gorgeous finish.

I am in so much love with this primer and highly recommend it! You can buy it for £32 here.


Life: A very special day

As you probably know, at the end of May I went on holiday to Florida for two and a half weeks. It was an amazing holiday and I will be posting about it, but I had to start by sharing some very happy news - Chris proposed whilst we were out there! 

We have been together over 9 years so I knew would get engaged at some point, however his proposal was a complete surprise - which was so lovely as I really thought I'd have some idea that it was going to happen.

Everyone kept asking me if I thought Chris would propose whilst we were in Florida (everyone knows how much I love it there!) and at first I'd thought that he might, but had completely convinced myself that he wasn't going to. I thought if it was on the cards, he'd be nervous going through the airport as if he had a ring in his bag he would probably be quite edgy - but he was cool as a cucumber (even when his bag had to be searched! He thought he was going to have to pop the question in Gatwick airport!) and he also kept talking about us going to Florence for a mini break so I assumed that's what he was planning.

So onto the actual proposal - he had asked for my Dad's permission at the airport as they went for a beer before the flight and then for the first week he kept trying to get me on my own. Unfortunately I was a difficult girlfriend and was rigidly sticking to my itinerary! Even when he asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride I declined because I wanted to sunbathe. Poor Chris!

Finally he got me on my own by saying that his workmate had recommended some lovely gardens that were a nice bit of escapism from the Disney and Universal parks. This was a total lie to get me there (I still quizzed him on his workmate, when he'd been, what he'd done...again, poor Chris!) but it worked and we found ourselves at the very beautiful Leu Gardens

We walked around and it was just gorgeous. I felt like I was in The Notebook. We eventually came to this pretty bandstand area...

First of all I made Chris take numerous pictures of me posing, and then I started dancing around it singing 'I am 16 going on 17...'. Eventually I got down and he said that he needed to ask me a question....and he proposed!

It was all a bit of a blur but was the most happy moment and I was so surprised - of course I said yes! He did so well - the ring was made for me in Hatton Gardens and is exactly what I would have chosen myself, I just need it resizing slightly. It's so sparkly and beautiful and I just love it.

After he proposed, we walked around the gardens a little more before heading back to meet the family for dinner - it was amazing to have them all out there to celebrate with, and also to have most of the holiday ahead of us. The perfect day.

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