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What does it claim to do?

"The new roll-on revolutionary roller-ball is designed to immediately soothe and cool skin. The easy-to-use targeted application provides instant drying action and helps protect against spots on the go."

What do I think?

Out of the whole Pure Active range, this has been the product that has had the most discussion. Some people love it, some people hate it. There have been a lot of comments about how the roller ball is not very hygienic as it appears to rolls the bacteria straight onto your skin.

I have to say, this has put me off using it. I have used it a few times and at first really liked how you can apply it without using your fingers to rub it in, I also liked how well you could target the spots. I didn't really think about it until I saw a comment about it and then felt a bit yucky about rolling the bad stuff back onto my face.

Ignoring the 'bacteria' issue and focusing on the results, these were mixed. It didn't seem to have a big effect on spots that were already present but I had a couple which were about to show and after using the roll on on them, they had disappeared the next day. If you catch them early then it works a treat!

Would I re-purchase?

No. Although I like how it's great at targeting problem areas, the whole roll-on bacteria problemo makes me feel a bit icky about it.


  1. I think that the downfall of any spot treatment like this is that there may be an issue of cross contamination, however I do think that compared to other products on the market this design reduces the amount of bacteria between uses. Take for example the usual spot-on treatment that uses a sponge tipped applicator, I think bacteria is much more likey to breed and sit in such applicators, whereas the design of this one will reduce the amount of bacteria that can 'sit' on the top of the roll on. Don't forget that the amount of acid will also kill any bacteria on contact.

    Sorry for the long ramble, really good review though :-)


  2. I thought the same thing about the roll on part and the PR company that sent me this product emailed Garnier for me and they said this:
    ‘The Pure Active spot-on roll-on is an innovative format that rolls out the formula for on-the-spot application and is designed not to let any of the product back in. If for any reason any product does get back into the applicator the high level of salicylic acid (2%) helps kill any bacteria that could be present as this is a key antibacterial ingredient.’

    Just thought I would let you know that, I'm not sure whether it makes me like the product anymore than I did but your review was great :)

  3. Thanks girls- that does make me feel a lot better about the product! I didn't really think about the acid killing the bacteria- very good to know!x

  4. I've never tried this before- I'll definitely have to look into it! XOXO

  5. This isn't related to the roll on but I was so excited had to share with someone. I remember your post about the Time Travellers Wife movie coming out.On your recommendation I'm reading it before I see the movie. I just discovered today that they have made a film out of one of my favorite books, The Lovely Bones. Don't know if you've heard of it or read it but it's a wonderfull story very original and beautifully written. Just watched the trailer for the film and it looks quite true to the book. Sorry if I've bored you but no one I know is into reading as much as I am, and if I find a book I love I like to pass it on.

  6. @agneskrob- I've read the Lovely Bones! I read it a while ago- I found it very different to anything I'd read before and did enjoy it, although found it quite sad! Ooh I'm going to check out the trailer now- I heard it was being made into a film ageees ago.

    I love book recommendations- do you have any others? x

  7. The rolling-back-on-of-the-bacteria thing really put me off x

  8. yes its true,garnier has ingredient killing bacteria and help your scars lighter..
    i am new user of this product just 1 week a go but its really effective..my scars of my face from pimple is slowly lighter and the pimples is getting far more lesser. use it after i shower and before bed..
    i love this product and when i go back to my country in the philippines i will bring some of it..

  9. wow you came from philippines?
    i heard a lot from my friend about philippines that its very nice country as well as the people so kind..but anyway thank you for the nice information i want also to try this product and hope it works...


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