Review: Mavala 'Vitality' nail polish


Mavala nail polish in 'Vitality'- part of the 'Belle' collection which is launching this spring


£3.95. This was sent to me for review and I am not being paid to write this. The PR who sent me this also included an extra treat in my package- a big cookie with the PR name on it. A lovely extra touch!

What does it claim to do?

I don't have an official description but the Belle collection consists of 6 pastel shades created for Spring.

What do I think?

I didn't realise that Mavala did nail polishes but after my success with the nail hardener I was really keen to try more from the range. This polish looked more like a lavender colour in the bottle but actually applies as a pastel pink- it's slightly darker than OPI's mod about you. I found that I needed two coats of this to achieve a good finish but I really liked the creamy consistency.

The bottle is teeny tiny, as you can see from my photo which makes it perfect for travelling. I think the full set would make a really cute collection although some of the shades do seem quite similar.

As the bottle is small, this means that the brush is also quite tiny. Although it takes slightly longer to apply, it does give good precision and once you get used to it, application is easy.

I have one more shade to review so look out for that!

Would I re-purchase?

I think that £3.95 is a good price for this so I am likely to try more shades in the Mavala range- although my favourite nail polish brand does remain to be OPI!


  1. I always think Mavala polishes look so cute. They are probably the only nail varnishes where you'll finish the whole bottle! x

  2. These look really cute! Lovely colour xxx

  3. Cute! I'm loving these pastel pinks right now.

  4. Loving pastels ;) This looks awesome :D

  5. I love the colour of this! I like to wear light colours for work. Mini bottles are great for taking in your bag =) I can't wait to see the other shade xx

  6. Bargain and such a cute colour. Not out yet for purchase I presume? x

  7. Love that colour and I love the blu/grey one on the end! x

  8. such a gorgeous colour! reminds me of ballerinas

  9. OPI is my all time favorite aswell. I like the soft colours of the Mavala range.


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