Wednesday, 7 March 2012

100 Things: 71-80

My last post in this series was back in November so another was definitely due! Here is the next installment of the 100 things that make me happy series- as always, inspired by Sofia.

71. A lovely nail polish

72.  Family birthdays

73. Friday at 5.30!

74. Pretty scarves

75. Spotify

76.  Perfume

77. Trying new recipes

78. Saving money

79.  Working for an amazing charity

80.  Road trips with the boyf


  1. Lovely post and fab photos!

  2. That nail polish is gorgeous!

    I loved doing this series :) such a lovely set of posts to do - Sofia is one of my favourite bloggers xx

  3. rly like this series.

    great choice of pics :)

  4. That cake looks gorgeous...great list xx

  5. That cake looks incredible!! I love the panda wok, going for a google to see where I can get one!xxx


Thank you for the comment! x


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